2010 Snow Pit Profiles

December 2009

06Dec09 - West Bowl Silver Fork

12Dec09 - Patsy Marley

19Dec09 -USA Bowl

23Dec09 - Silver Fork

31Dec09 - Black Bess

January 2010

01Jan10 - Murdock Peak

02Jan10 - Tuscarora

24Jan10 - South Monitor

Danger rating this day was high with pockets of extreme. The compression and extended column test broke to the ground. Cornices were very sensitive and were breaking quite a ways back. Once cornice (in the photo) brake at my feet 6'+ from the edge while I was approaching and almost took me with it.

30Jan10 - Lambs / Box Canyon

Snow Pit in Box Canyon with very active compression and extended column results. Please see the following UAC submissions around this profile and an adjacent avalanche triggered by Powderbirds with explosives.




February 2010

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