Snow Pit Profiles

Winter 2008- 2009

14Dec08 - Red Pine/Maybird Ridgeline Snow Pit Profile

Observation Details:

21Dec08 - Powder Park, Big Cottonwood Canyon

Our extended column test propagated across our column between the 2 crust layers.

27Dec08 - Wills Hill - Willow Creek - Big Cottonwood Canyon

We dug this pit on Wills Hill prior to skiing the upper open shots, then ducking into the trees above the rollover. After 3 of us skied 3 laps on this, the entire roll over ripped out. See photo on UAC site:,Wills%20Hill,Leeds.jpg

03Jan09 - Snow Pit on a south facing Gulley side that was 40 degrees.

I wanted to put a snow pit on a south aspect to get an idea of how the south aspect snow compared to the NW through NE aspects. There was a distinct sun crust from the week after Christmas, but (as expected), no lower ice crust since the south aspects had fully melted out in late November.


Winter 2007-2008

08Dec07 - Powder Park Snow Pit Profile

09Dec07 - Little Water Peak Snow Pit Profile

29Dec07 - Bonkers (Broad's Fork) Snow Pit Profile

We observed glide cracks on the skin up. While digging the pit the glide area slid.

19Jan08 - Pit Profile from Maybird/ Hogum Ridgeline. The pit was on the far nothern side of the ridge.

We found very stable snow on this pit. The pit was dug due East and we skied more of a NE line. On a 38 degree slop, our slope cut release a small (6") soft slab that slid the entire slope but did not propagate or pick up additional snow.

09Feb08 - West Monitor Bowl Snow Pit Profile

The pit profile showed a very stable snow pack that we could not get to break with a compression test. Cornice drops and ski cuts confirmed this. Breakable crust on numerous aspects were skied.



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