New Zealand 2004

General Itinerary

November 3: Leave SLC for Queenstown

November 5: Arrive Queenstown

November 5-8: tour Milford Sound area

November 8: Leave Queenstown on for west coast.  Spend next 9 days cyling up the west coast

November 16: Leave the west coast for the ride across Lewis Pass to the east coast

November 19: Arrive on East coast and begin riding up the coast then inland through the wine regions to the north coast and the Abel Tasman area.

November 25-28: Hang out around the Abel Tasman are kayaking, beaching it, and relaxing

November 28-December 1: makeup days to spend anywhere we want along the way.

December 1: Leave Nelson for Auckland

December 3: Leave Auckland for SLC





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Travel Log:

September 13, 2004:
We are getting all of our stuff in order for our trip.  We will be taking our bikes and 
cycling the South Island starting at Queenstown and working our way to Nelson.
November 1, 2004:
We are ready to leave in 2 days and we are very excited.  Winter has arrived early in the
Wasatch and we have been skiing both of the last 2 weekends in fresh powder.  Alta has had
over 115" of snow and already has a base of over 75".  The last 2 Sundays has been 18-24" 
of great powder.  It is hard to pack a bike when ski season is already in full swing.
We got our bikes disassembled and packed yesterday, Hopefully they will arrive safe and 
sound.  We are packing just the bare essentials outside of bike gear/tools/part.  We 
will only check our bikes and the bike trailer.  We will carry on our panniers which 
will have all of our cloths and sleeping bags (they only weight 12lbs).  We are limited 
on our domestic NZ flights to 44lbs of checked baggage, we will be a little over, but 
not bad.  Our bikes packed are about 35 lbs and the trailer will be around 25.  We have 
a total of about 80 lbs of gear between the 2 of us (that is everything we have excluding 
bikes).  We will hope to be able to post an update when we arrive in Queenstown.
November XXX, 2004:
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November YYY, 2004:
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