Highline Trail Run - 29-30 August 2010

I have a full trip report posted on this blog page

Highline Trail:

The Highline Trail is an ~78 mile trail that runs east/west across the Uinta Mountains in eastern Utah. The Uintas are one of the only ranges to run east/west in the US and contain the highest peaks in Utah. The trail is predominantly above 10,000' and travels from pass to pass and lake to lake crossing through high elevation meadows in between. My goal is to run the entire trail from east to west in around 28 hours with a total vertical gain of about 15,000'. The entire trail is around 100 miles, but the eastern section has been turned into ATV trails and offers little trail running opportunity (or little fun trail running). The current fastest known time for the Highline Trail is 33 hours. The the record is held by Davy Crockett, a local Salt Lake area runner. Davy has a great blog on his last run across the Uintas and some of the Uinta running history here.

I was not able to secure a partner for this run.  My running/training/skiing partner Mark Christopherson will be running the first 20 miles with me (Leidy Peak Trail Head to North Pole Pass).  After mile 20, I will be alone unless I can find someone else who can take work off on Monday and run in 10-20 miles from Hayden Pass.  I will be carrying all of my gear and food.  My current packing list is:

Emergency bivy Lighter
Super Light Poncho Candle
Spot transceiver Mirror
2 socks (1 extra) Whistle
Rockridge shoes Headlamp
Insoles Small Handheld light
CW-X Ventilator Tights 3 spare AAA batteries
Patagonia Silk Weight T-shirt 2 water bottles
Pearl Izumi Arm Warmers Camera
Patagonia long sleeved silk weight shirt TP
Patagonia Dragon Fly Jacket Bug spray
Hat and Cap Food: ~6000 calories
Gloves       Endurolyte caps
Poles Nuun
Sunglasses 16 gels (1600)
3 Forerunner watches with routes/waypoints 1 Pop Tarts (400)
Paper Maps, Paper Trail directions 4 Gu Chomps (400)
Compass 3 x 5 Hour Energy
HRM 5 Clif Bars (1000)
MP3 / headphones 5 small Snickers (500)
First aid: cortisone, safety pin for blisters, tape, Gauze, Advil, Tums, Percocet, Ace Bandage 5 Perpetuem (1200)
Iodine 3 frozen burritos (900)


SPOT2 Location
As a safety precaution I will be carrying a Spot Transceiver borrowed from Mike Dawson.  This will allow me to send 'OK' and 'SOS' style messages.  You can track me below or click here for the full screen Spot page.

Highline Trail Profile

This Highline Trail profile was created using TOPO!.  the highpoint is King's Peak.  My run will not include a King's Peak summit since I am running against the clock.

Highline Trail Video - coming soon

To see the video full screen, right click on the video and select Zoom -> Full Screen

If you are having trouble viewing this video, here is the You Tube Link.

My actual finish time was 28:16.  The video shows 28:08 on my watch which I must have turned off at some point and then I said 29:08 (I was so tired I really had no idea what I was saying).


Garmin Tracks

Section 1: Miles 0-20


 Section 2: Miles 20-50


Section 3: Miles 50-80


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