2007 Trip Reports


Elevation 11,326'
Location Wasatch Range, Utah
Date 20 January 07
Time 7AM-2PM - 7 hours
Group Chad, Emily, Stefan
Route Ascent: SE Ridge from Red Pine
Descent: Maybird to Red Pine Trees
Gear Skis, Skins, Ice Ax
Weather Started out sunny, later 100' visibility
Ski Conditions Maybird was hardpack bad skiing.  Red Pine trees were re-crystallized powder

Twin Peaks

Elevation 11,489'
Location Wasatch Range, Utah
Date 26 January 07
Time 8:30AM-3PM - 6.5 hours
Group Chad, Emily, Audrey
Route Summer trail up Broad's Fork to East Twin
Gear Skis, Skins, Ice Ax, Crampons
Weather Sunny, clear, cold
Ski Conditions Re-crystallized power, hardpack

Mt Timpanogos

Elevation 11,749'
Location Wasatch Range, Utah
Date 03 February 07
Time 6AM-4PM - 10 hours
Group Chad, Emily, Audrey, Chip
Route Aspen Grove trail - did not summit do to weather
Gear Skis, Skins, Ice Ax, Crampons
Weather Windy, 100' visibility
Ski Conditions Wind slabs, wind scour, general crap snow


We left home at 4AM and were skiing before 6.  The weather was horrible, extremely windy and 100' visibility.  We ended up having to boot up the last potion of Primrose Cirque as the snow was too hard and slippery to skin up, but breakable crust to book.  The top headwall was fine to get up.  All of it was wind slabs and wind scoured, skiing was similar conditions to the moon.  Definitely slide for life type conditions.  We had lots of collapsing, but mostly in very low angle wind loaded areas, not much on anything steep enough to slide (still a little scary at time).  We made the summit ridge and followed it back and forth for about 2 hours, but with the low visibility, we could not find the trail (I think it is a gully) that would take us to the summit.  I know we were within 100M of it, but we just could not find a safe way up in the bad weather.  The ski down was not all that fun, but manageable.  We were able to break 1 slide away skiing, this was an 8" hard slab on a hard slab that ran on a very thin week layer (facets).  We triggered it with a slope cut, it was only around 75' wide and only ran 200-250'.  It never gained any energy and spent probably 15 seconds running that short distance.  We were back at the trailhead for a post climb beer around 4PM and home by 6PM

Deseret Peak

Elevation 11,031'
Location Stansbury Moutnains, Utah
Date 12 May 07
Time 4:50AM-11:10 - 6.3 hours
Group Chad, Paul
Route South Willow Loop Campground up middle coulior
Gear Skis, Skins, Whipets
Weather Clear, Warm, Breezy
Ski Conditions Ice and slush
Elevation Gain 4,900'

Trip Report from Paul

Hike was great, skiing was somewhat tough, warmed up so fast that corn window seemed to last about 10 minutes.


No cornices at top of couliors.  Probably another week or two left to make a trip worthwhile.


Planned    Actual    What

 3:30        3:30       Lv Summit Park

 4:40        4:39       Ar South Willow Loop Campground, 7382'

 4:50        4:47       Lv Loop Campground

 8:20        7:20       Ar top of middle coulior via Dry Lake Fork, 10600', 3.5 miles

 8:30        7:30       Descend middle coulior (descended icy south coulior)

 8:55        7:40       Ascend middle coulior

 9:55        8:15       Ar top of middle coulior

10:00        8:25      Descend south coulior (descended corn/icy/slushy middle coulior)

10:25        8:35      Ascend middle coulior

11:25        9:00      Ar top of middle coulior (20 min break)

11:50        9:40      Ar top of Deseret Pk, 11031'

12:15        10:00    Ar top of north coulior (kind of corny but more slushy)

 1:15        11:10     Ar Loop Campground (drank 2 1/2 beers)

 2:30        1:45       Ar Summit Park (stopped at Barbacoa)


While hiking back to the trailhead, came upon a motorcyclist with his bike high-centered on a fallen tree on the trail.  Informed him and his two other buddies that they'd be in big trouble if the got caught in Wilderness with their dirt bikes.


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